A Cell’s Extracellular Matrix

ACell’s Extracellular Matrix

Acell’s extracellular matrix is the product designed to enhance the body’s ability to repair and remodel tissue. It is a thin layer that surrounds all the cells in our body.

Basic functionality

  • It provide the structural support same as provided by collagen the main structural protein and elastin the fibrous glycoprotein to the skin
  • It provide help to start communication between the special proteins and hormones
  • And it hasten the healing of damaged tissue


How it works in hair transplant

 It is regenerative medicine that enhances the ability of body for healing the damaged tissue and is approved by FDA highest authority internationally.

It boosts up the wound healing and helps for regrowth of damaged tissue during the hair transplant.

When it encounters the wound then it acts as aided team starts cleaning and healing the damaged area. It links the damaged area to the other cells in the body which are organized to help the area.

Even it works on creating the new blood vessels and facilitating the work of other tissues for the healing.

With Acell Extracellular matrix attention of formation of the scars shifts towards remodeling the tissue of damage area and bring it back as original and it is done by alerting the tissue present in the stem cells.

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