Step-by-Step Process for Installing a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher for the first time? It requires ample time and dedication. If you have basic mechanical and plumbing skills, then your job is done. There is no need to spend another $50 – $100 for the installation of the dishwasher. You don’t need special tools for installation. If your cabinet is 24 inches wide, there is no need to alter your cabinet and fit exactly into it. Dishwasher installation will take a little more than 3 hours to complete and choose a free day to install it. If you are not still confident about installing one, then check our step- by- step guide for better understanding on how to install a Dishwasher.

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Dishwasher Installation Requirements

Can I install a dishwasher myself? Yes, you can install it easily if you have the basic knowledge. Just follow the below guidelines and make your dishwasher installation easy.

For installing a dishwasher in existing cabinets, you may need:

  • Power cord
  • Water inlet hose 
  • Water outlet hose
  • Screwdriver, screws, and pliers.
  • Dishwasher unit
  • 90-degree fitting (provided with the installation kit).

Before installing the dishwasher, make sure that the power, nearest shutoff valve, and hot water shutoff valve are closed. Remove the cabinet doors before installing the new dishwasher. The electrical and water connections are underneath the dishwasher, so you need to unscrew the base and fit the plug and hose. Now let’s see how to install a freestanding dishwasher and built-in dishwasher.

How to install a Dishwasher?

Step 1: Remove the package and unpack the new dishwasher near the installation point. Place the dishwasher on a drop cloth to protect the flooring.

Step 2: Move the unit onto its back to easily access the electrical and plumbing connections.

Step 3: Remove the front panel. Take the 90-degree elbow fitting and attach it to the dishwasher water valve.

Step 4: Thread the drain line with the help of pliers and crimp the clamp. Threading will secure the hose. Now connect the drain line to the hole under the sink.

Step 5: New dishwasher requires three connections. They are power, water supply, and drain line connections. 

Step 6: You need a dedicated power socket for the dishwasher. If you don’t have one, fix a new line.

Step 7: water-supply can be done easily with the water inlet using braided steel. Supply tubes are similar to the sink faucet supply tubes. Now hook up the water supply with the 90-degree elbow and firm it.

Step 8: Drain hose is an easy plumbing job.

Safety Measures to install a Dishwasher

  • Screw the dishwasher using a bracket to the cabinet. 
  • Check whether the dishwasher door is steam and moisture resistant.
  • There should be enough space between the plinth and front door panels. If the space is tight, then opening and closing will not be smooth.
  • Make sure that water hoses and plugs have enough length. It will help you during maintenance activity. You need not unplug or remove the hoses for maintenance.
  • Ensure that all hoses and plugs are present on one side of the dishwasher, either left or right.
  • A small opening will be good at the back of the cabinet for a comfortable water flow movement.


How long does it take to install a dishwasher?

Freestanding dishwasher won’t take much time to set-up, while built-in dishwasher takes around 60 minutes for installation.

Is dishwasher hard to install?

We can’t say that dishwasher installation is too hard. If you have the required tools and some knowledge along with the proper water supply line then it won’t be much hard.


Whenever you buy a dishwasher from the company outlet, the dishwasher’s price includes the installation charges. A delivery team will help you to remove the old one and replace your new dishwasher. If you have bought through online shopping, you will get only the device delivered and have to look for someone to install it. It will cost you a substantial amount, so you can follow our guide and know how to install a Dishwasher where there was none or in the existing cabinets in your apartment.

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