How to install Ice Maker? – Guide with Safety Measures

Since ice makers have quickly become an appliance used by almost all restaurants, big firms, and even households, its installation is an important topic of discussion. Ice makers come in several models, variants, and brands, and customers can choose for themselves, whichever suits their needs the best. So, how to install Ice Maker? Ice maker installation may or may not be a tedious process depending on the skill sets you acquire.

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For example, professionals find it an easy process; people with little knowledge about the same find it easy but time-consuming, whereas those with zero experience might find it tedious altogether. Once installed, it makes life easier for the user by making ice for them whenever needed, without having to go through the trouble of filling and re-filling ice trays that only have a limited number of ice cubes. 

Ice Machine Installation Guide

There are a few different ice-making machines, and depending on the one you are installing, your requirements may change. Installation is advised to be executed by a professional plumber who can skillfully take care of all the electricity and water hazards. If you have a basic knowledge, you can go with the setup on your own. Now, let us see how to install an ice maker in detailed steps.

How to install Under Counter Ice Maker?

To install this ice maker, make sure you have a screwdriver, tube cutter, and power drill, some extra material to protect your flooring from any water or electric damage. The steps for installation of under counter ice maker are as follows:

  1. Adjust your machine’s height to level your counter height using the adjustable legs.
  2. From the back of the unit, connect the drain hose to an open drain site.
  3. Connect the water inlet to the back of the machine, using a compression fitting for the same. 
  4. Open the water and check all plumbing points for any sort of leaks.
  5. Plug the electric cord in the source.
  6. Move the machine into its location under the counter. Check if the door opens and seals properly. 
  7. After installing ice maker, press the power button on to check the complete working of the machine.

Hope you got the required info on how to install ice machine under counter.

Countertop Ice Maker Installation

Now, let’s see how to setup the ice maker of countertop type. These ice makers also called as portable ice makers since they do not have to fit into any position permanently. You can move them around depending on the need and access to electricity and water. Some basic steps to set up a countertop ice machine are:

  1. Before installing an ice maker, first clean the interior of the machine with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Find a position for your ice maker, preferably away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.
  3. Ensure that the sides and back of the machine are at least 5 inches away from any walls.
  4. Make sure that all the water and electricity plug-ins are proper and intact.
  5. Wait for an hour after cleaning, let the refrigerant fluids settle down. 
  6. Now you can switch the power and start using your best portable ice maker.

Steps to install Modular Ice Machine Head

As the name suggests, these models are modular and usually come with some kind of remote control. They are mostly used in commercial places where the requirement for ice is relatively large. While its installation advised to be carried out by industry professionals only, as a user, you can make sure of a few things to assist with the proper working of the ice machine.

  1. Make sure your power supplies are on and working properly.
  2. Get the professional to install the machine where both water and electricity are accessible. 
  3. Follow all the proper guidelines of usage to stay away from all kinds of hazards. 

Ice Maker Safety Precautions

Since ice makers run on both electricity and water, it becomes a hazardous appliance to install icemaker and use. Electricity in itself is a dangerous source of energy, thus following a set of safety rules should be our prime focus. Here are some things you can take care of to avoid any sorts of damage:

  • Ensure that there are no leakages after installation, if there are, ensure that they are fixed right away.
  • Ensure that you wear proper insulated gloves and gears to avoid any sort of electrical hazards during installation.
  • The points of water and electricity are accessible to the machine but still have adequate distance between them. Good enough insulation to both are provided to avoid damage in times of future leakages.


Installing a ice maker is a time consuming process that does require lots of focus and basic knowledge about the appliance. It includes some safety hazards which are avoidable by taking proper precautions as well. Different types of ice machines have different installation procedures. Check out the how to install a ice maker above of all types and leave a comment if you got stuck at any point. If you think it is risky for you, you can take the help of technician for safety.

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