Under Cabinet Toaster Oven Installation Guide

Before knowing how to install Toaster Oven Under Cabinet, let’s see the importance of it. Ovens are an essential part of every kitchen. This has been the case for decades now. Although the functionalities and workings of the modern toaster ovens may have changed a lot, it still carries out the same basic functions that it used to. Depending on a user’s personal need he can select which oven to get. These days most builders offer their buyers preinstalled ovens as a part of their modular kitchens.

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The basic usage of toaster ovens in the old times was for baking, cakes, pieces of bread and cookies, these days the modular versions offer a lot of other features as well.

While using a microwave oven produces a lot of tasks, one problem with it is the tediousness of cleaning its insides. Other than this modular ovens have made life a lot easier for households since almost everything is just a few button presses away. There are various kinds of the oven like the under cabinet toaster ovens and the overhang ovens. 

How to install Toaster Oven Under Cabinet?

Can I mount a Toaster Oven under a cabinet? For different types of ovens, the installation procedure varies since the location differs and the hassle and hazards are different as well. You need to mount under a cabinet only if the appliance is designed for such mounting.

Here are some of the basic installation guidelines for an under counter toaster oven. Check out and know how to install under cabinet toaster oven.

  1. Before you start the installation, ensure that you have some essential equipment like screwdrivers, power drills, insulating materials, and adhesives.
  2. Clear the countertop under which you will install the oven to ensure that you don’t gather any form of dust or dirt.
  3. Clear the cabinet underneath, empty up space for the actual installation process and clean it thoroughly.
  4. After the cleaning mounts, the template sheet of your installation onto the cabinet’s underside to get perfect measurements.
  5. Place the template such that the drill holes come down to their proper positions. Ensure that they are not too much towards the sides; otherwise, it will hamper your installation. 
  6. Drill holes in tall the marked places using a ΒΌ inch. If you are not familiar with the drilling process, hire a professional to do the same for you.
  7. When drilling, keep in mind to drill straight and not in an angle because this will cause problems while installation and might even damage your cabinet.
  8. Once done with the drilling, remove the template.
  9. Wipe away all the dust and dirt created due to the drilling and place a washer over all the holes you just drilled.
  10. Align the mounting holes on the appliance to the holes you just drilled and put a screw into all the holes and fix them. 
  11. Ensure that the screws are tightened enough that the appliance does not shake or move at all.
  12. Once you have fixed the screws, hold the toaster’s front foot on both sides, pull forward, and push it up on the feet at the same time to hook it in. 
  13. Plug the appliance into the nearest electricity source.
  14. Turn its power on and check all the functionalities and buttons. 
  15. Make sure the power cord does not hang loose anywhere, tuck any extra chord on to the hook. 

Safety Measurements

While the installation process may not seem very dangerous for this particular appliance, it fairly is. You can follow some simple guidelines to prevent any mishaps. Better do the installation process with the help of professional or in the guidance of one. 

  • The drilling procedure is an easy one for people with experience. But those who are not very acquainted with the process are advised to take all kinds of safety measures.
  • While drilling makes sure to wear insulated gloves to avoid electrical hazards, ensure that your hands are at least ten to fifteen centimeters away from the actual drill needle and hold the drill very firmly and in place.
  • Once you have plugged the appliance in, make sure you don’t see any electricity leaks or cuts in the cords or wires. While checking the appliance’s usage, do not touch the insides. It may cause heat damage to your skin if not taken care of. 


Can you put a toaster oven under a cabinet?

You can’t mount all types of toaster oven under a cabinet. Only, the ovens designed specifically for under cabinet, should be installed.

Where should toaster oven be placed in kitchen?

If your toaster oven came with hood, you can place it under the cabinet. If it is the countertop model, you can place anywhere on your counter top. Remember not to place them on refrigerators or any other appliances as these produce heat.

Can I put a toaster oven on a quartz countertop?

It is not recommended to place the toaster oven directly on Quartz countertop. You can use trivets underneath the oven.


Hope you got the required guidance on how to install Toaster Oven Under Cabinet. Toaster ovens are fairly easy to install under the counter, given that one follows all the installation steps properly. While the safety hazards are less, we always advise to assist a professional for the job if you think it is risky for you. This appliance usually found in every kitchen these days, and thus it is good to be aware of the installation steps.

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