How to set up Radar Detector in Car? – Easy way to Install

Want to enjoy your weekend on the road? Then you must be careful to avoid speeding tickets. Speeding tickets will cost you more than a radar detector. So how does a radar detector help you on a trip? Radar detectors are small devices mounted in cars to alert drivers about K, Ka, and X spectrum beams of police. alert signals can be a flashlight or an audible pre-recorded sound. There are three models of detectors: remote mount, corded, and cordless. All models require installation. So, let’s see how to set up Radar Detector in the following sections.

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Where and how to mount a Radar Detector?

The price of a radar detector will range from $400- $1500, and the installation process will cost another $150. If you want to reduce the cost of fixing a radar detector, you can reduce radar detector installation cost by doing it yourself. DIY is possible if you can read instructions completely in manual and know basic machinery skills. Famous radar detectors in the market are from Escort, Uniden, Whistler, and Radenso.

Things you may need:

  • Suction cups.
  • Pliers,
  • Flat screwdriver,
  • Add-a- circuit,
  • Smart cord and Direct wire cord.

Now, let’s see how to install a Radar Detector with these tools.

Step 1: Radar detectors are illegal in many states. SP checks laws properly before installing a radar detector.

Step 2: After confirming laws, you have to decide whether you want radar to be powered through wiring or batteries or a 12 V adapter.

Step 3: Choose a place where you need to mount your radar. It is the most important step in installing. So, Where should you place a radar detector?Common types of radar detectors include windshield or dash-mounted. Some prefer to mount it near the license plate or near or around the center of rearview mirror.

Step 4: After confirming the location, use adhesive tape or suction cups to fix the vehicle’s radar. Fix radar such that it does not create an obstacle to your vision.

Step 5: Find the power cord and fix it into a power source. Find the fuse box in your car and check whether there are mini or regular sized fuses. Checking fuse box, buy an appropriate add-a- circuit board.

Step 6: Mount detector in fixed place. It is always good to mount it in front of the dashboard. Mount it as low as possible so that radar can access clear sky.

Step 7: If possible, tuck the power cord inside the panel such that it is not visible outside.

Step 8: Now, it’s time to install the controller. Make sure that the controller is easily accessible and placed in an ideal location.

Step 9: Connect wire to circuit board using add- a circuit. 

Step 10: Plug circuit with 2 fuses. Now everything is set in place. Test radar detector by turning on ignition.


Radar detectors are mounted in vehicle where there will be no interruption in signal. It is mostly mounted in the windshield or center of the rear view mirror. You can connect dash camera and radar detector for better protection. Always try to keep radar detector away from your eyesight as it will disturb your driving. It is also good to have audio alerts on your radar in active mode. Some detectors will show red light signals. You can choose one based on your requirements. If you have any doubts on how to set up radar detector, you can leave a comment below.

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