Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

To cover the baldness and abrupt hair loss many people wears hair wigs. This the most economical alternative to the hair weaving, hair fixing and hair bonding for restoring the hairs

We design the best human hair wigs in Bangalore that are 100% natural hair , 100% synthetic hair and the mixture for the both. These wigs can be available in any color and length both for men and women.

For attaching hair to the wigs hair weaves are used  and then roots of the hair with the warp of silk threads to form a weft. Even wefts can be made  with specially adapted sewing machine.

With the extraordinary winding technique it is possible to have undetached  wig which looks natural and desired hair style can be taken out

Advantages of wigs

  • One can get wig according to his own choice hair style
  • Even wigs can be available for full half curly and long hair
  • Economical way to overcome the hair loss problem
  • No side effects and pain
  • Multiple hair style can be adopted different at a different time with multiple wigs
  • No need to visit again and again to hair clinic for hair treatment

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