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An Advanced World Class Hair transplant centre in India where your hair transplant decisions are significantly handled. We pioneer the latest hair transplant approaches to give you a memorable hair transplant experience. Our professional team is fully dedicated when it comes to all forms of hair transplantation.

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Transforming Millions With Classic Hair Transplants

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Welcome to Classy Grafts™, a platform where you can change your look, get back your lost Confidence and start feeling good about yourself!

Classy Grafts™ Bengaluru is a one stop solution for all your look related issues. Classy Grafts™ is located in the most posh location of the city in India, but the cost for Hair transplant and other Hair fall treatments are very pocket friendly. Classy Grafts™ Bengaluru Doctors specializes in Hair transplantation FUE and the centre offers 100% satisfied treatment result

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Why choose us

Classy Grafts™ is a one-stop platform to answer all queries on Hair enhancements. With experience in cosmetology and the eagerness to help people get the right and fair treatment, we stepped into this sector of BEAUTY, MIND & BODY! This digital platform will make life simpler for anyone looking to enhance their looks, may it be getting a Hair transplant, PRP Treatments, Laser treatments with assured results. Classy Grafts™ provides you these standardized features so that you can conveniently choose us to get a new and Confident look!

  • Procedures with ZERO SCAR
  • Procedures with ZERO PAIN
  • Smart Hitech Machines with puncher variation from 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm
  • Revolutionary Hair Matrix system for Fertilizing follicles
  • Complimentary Support for 6 months
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Accommodation, Visa, Excursion & Entire Travel assistance team.

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100% Results Oriented techniques which ensures an individual maximum number of follicles & density

  • Ensures high quality of treatment with no compromise, in other words :: No Cutting corners
  • No Downtime (Patient can join daily work immediately the next day)
  • No Side-effects & Infections
  • Panel of Doctors who hold the high experience in Hair Replacement Procedures
  • Most experienced team of Hair Experts
  • Award winning Dedicated Support Team
  • Brand with unique Solution for Hair Fall, Thinning & Baldness
  • Computerized Hair Check, Scalp Analysis based Consultation Protocol
  • A Fleet of Doctors/Hair Experts with more than 15+ year of experience.
  • Genuine Cost with Best Infrastructure

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How hair transplantation works?

Male pattern baldness and female androgenetic alopecia are prominent troubles associated to looks and hair transplantation surgeries viable resort to such issues which help in restoration and transplanting hair. This surgery extracts the follicles (donor site) from hair abundant sites and grafts them at bald affected areas (recipient site). Not only head baldness or hairlessness is treated but hair loss at any site like beard, eye-brows or any other facial hair recovery can be achieved.

This treatment is done through grafting, FUE/FUT (Follicle Unit Extraction and Transplantation), Strip harvesting and Robotic hair restoration techniques which are suitable to almost everyone because no any general anesthesia is administered but sometimes local anesthesia can be used so that patient can respond to prompts and participate in surgery to make it successful. Some patients are given some sedatives because this procedure is surgical but does not entail too much pain.

Treatment choices of hair transplant in India are diverse which are as follows:

In FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction) the follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted carefully at the incisions created at recipient site whereas in in Bio-Fuel technology the serum is taken from patients own body and injected into the region where baldness has to be cured. This serum excites and increases the growth of hair. Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) facilitates the insertion of direct follicles at prone area from donor region; this treatment requires the surgeon to be very expert. Facial and body hair transplants are done to retrieve the lost hair at various face regions like beard, eye-brows, eye-lashes and moustaches as well; this facial transplantations like others follow the same guidelines and steps to get it done.

Why people are opting?

Advancements in this field has brought many laurels and recognitions which means this is becoming more and more popular among people from all walks of life. Null side-effects is one of the prime benefits of hair transplant surgery and patient can resume his or her daily routine immediately post-treatment with some precautionary measures like not treating hair with un recommended substance for at least up to 10 days.

How to decide that you need hair transplantation?

Failed regenerations remedies, if you had tried methods like oil, medications and creams etcetera then hair transplant could be a remedy for you.

Hair loss happen too early, no matter what your age is, hairlessness is no more connected to age and gender nowadays, if your hair loss volume is greater than hair gain volume then you must go through a hair transplant.

If you are involved in video media corporation and hair loss is hampering your career growth then hair transplantation is a solution for growing hair naturally.

The persons scalp stopped producing more and more hair following incessant hair loss then they need to consult hair specialist.

Individuals having infertile scalp or facing any problems like deficiency in protein like Keratin which is mainly responsible for hair growth.

When your bald scalp increases your chances of letting you appear more aged than original then sufferer should go for hair transplant to recover them. Low self- esteem and confidence resulting from baldness sometimes deter your social circle as well.

Dominating facts that affects the affordability of hair transplant in India and other nations

Geographical positions- The country where the clinic is situated is directly linked to the costs associated to the treatment because of different rules, salaries, and equipment costs.
Exigency- The extremity brings more and more people near to the hair treatment so nowadays people are more likely to look good also increase the demand.
Expertise and clinical staff- Both factors related to costs and different countries have different level of experts and paramedical staff. So, the expertise is directly proportional to cost and more number of clinics and experienced clinical staff brings more competition and more wages respectively in terms of business and big and branded names in hair transplant will have more charges than normal one’s.
Technology- Apparatus and technological advancements are utmost requirements of medical industry without these the treatment completion seems insurmountable. Thus, the cost of equipment is different in different countries some nations may have biomedical engineering industries from which its buying cost shall be less than anyone else is so it can affect the cost of treatment in either side.

Sittings and costs of hair transplant

Every procedure is workable whether it is FUE/FUT, Robotic hair transplantation which are less invasive, natural, and affordable in terms of availability and finances combining before and after treatment. A price overview is arranged readers can take an idea what really it can cost to them. Sittings depend upon person’s level of problem if it needs up to 2000 grafts to be planted then only one sitting is required but if more then sitting can be extended from four to 6 hours or can be done in another sitting. The cost per graft ranges between 25- 40 INR in hair transplant in Bangalore that depends upon which treatment is suitable as per your problem and recipient site.

Classy Grafts Clinic | Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Procedure Graft density Approximate Cost (INR)
FUE/FUT 1500- 2500 50,000
Facial Hair Transplant 800 32,000
Body Hair Transplant 1500 60,000

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This is about matching your outside to who you are inside. We’re here to help boost your confidence and restore your identity by giving you back your hair. So you and everyone around you can experience the best possible you. The true you.

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