5 Tips To Double The Hair Transplant Results After Surgery

5 Tips To Double The Hair Transplant Results After Surgery

If you have noticed the excess of hair on your towel after hair wash, in comb after hair styling and on pillows after sleeping then you are in great trouble. You need to look after your frizz if you are experiencing the hair shedding and even your mirror has become the witness for the less hair on your scalp.

Hair loss can dent your self-esteem and confidence along with affecting adversely to the young and attractive look of the person. Thus to get out from the immediate effects of the hair loss, people choose the surgical method of hair restoration.

Hair transplant is the surgical method in which loss resistant and healthy follicles are taken out from the denser areas of the scalp and then implanted back in the bald and thinning areas with the similar direction, distance, and the angle so that the new hair can also appear like the existing hair of the patient.

Experienced, efficiency and artistic skills of the hair transplant surgeon can ensure the natural, permanent and undetectable results for the patients but the little efforts from the patient side can improve the hair transplant results. Here are some tips to improve the results of hair transplant

  1. Patients are advised to take nutritious diet enriched with protein so that hair growth can be stimulated and the healing power of the body can be faster.
  2. The patient should stay away from alcohol and smoking for few days after and before the hair transplant surgery as both can affect adversely to the healing process of the body and scalp as a result of which hair transplant results can get affected
  3. Hair wash after the hair transplant should be taken with care as the excessive pressure of water can damage the hair grafts and even wet hair can catch infection so patients should take hair wash with care as per instructions of doctor and even while drying the wet hair patient should keep in mind that excessive pressure can break the hair follicle so hair drying process should be just patting with the towel. Hair dryers should be avoided for at least 3 months after the surgery.
  4. Combing and styling should be avoided for a few days as both can damage the new grafts and break them from roots.
  5. Stay hydrated and even keeps hydrated to the new grafts with saline solutions so that formation of scabs, itching, and flakes can be prevented.