Achieve Greater Hair Transplant Results With Small Sessions

There are definitely different forms of hair loss and the extent, certainly differs from one patient to another. During an evaluation, the Norwood scale is utilized by the hair transplant surgeon to classify the level of hair loss. With this, we always see the last classes of hair loss, i.e. level 6 and 7 as extensive levels of hair loss.

Certainly, patients with a 3A level of hair loss as per the Norwood scale are recurrently met in hair transplant centres looking for a possible hair loss solution. Commonly, patients with a 3A type of hair loss experience hair loss in the frontal hairline and in the vertex area.

In the same way, hair loss in the crown region is possible among 3A patients. Unfortunately, some patients opt for a low budget hair transplant at the expense of their appearance. Commonly, they opt for multiple hair transplants for 2700 grafts.

The Possible Solution

Regardless of the level of hair loss, there are certainly ideal ways of restoring hair perfectly. A perfect correction approach is currently termed as the CIT procedure. This technique of hair transplant allows a patient to undergo smaller sessions in a period of only 12 months.

The good thing with this hair transplant approach is that no one can detect that you underwent a hair transplant even after 2 days of the surgery. The hair transplant procedure is planned as the surgeon may observe necessary., certainly within a year.

What Are the Benefits of This Surgical Method?

What Are the Benefits of This Surgical Method?

The CIT hair transplant technique is praised for its minimal invasiveness, accuracy, and perfectionism. Patients who generally worry over their hairlines should opt for this approach as it is an effective way of creating natural hairlines.

Obviously, FUE ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ is an advanced hair transplant technique with its own benefits. When combined with the CIT advanced methodologies, there is guaranteed efficacy.

CIT technique promotes greater graft quality and also allows variation in punch size and depth. This approach also protects the hair unit from damage, which is ensured by the specialized equipment utilized.

Just like in other procedures, PRP therapy ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ therapy is a possible methodology of obtaining optimal results. The treatment is administered after the hair transplant procedure and certainly by the hair transplant surgeon.

Ho Do Obtain Optimal Results?

The CIT technique is a revolutionary hair transplant technique and requires a specialized hair transplant surgeon.

This means that a hair transplant surgeon must have attained extra training which certainly takes several years. It is an expensive procedure, but certainly cost-effective. Patients ought to choose an advanced hair transplant centre.