Am I Too Younger For A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant in Bangalore is getting popular even among the youngsters having age less than 30 as they find it reliable and durable solution for their hair thinning and bald patches. Although, age is not the much contradictory factor for choosing the hair transplant procedure but for the optimized results all factors including the age should be examined and taken into consideration that could affect the hair transplant results.

According to experts age and hair cycle can be crucial factors that can affect the results of hair transplant surgery so these two must be considered and compared simultaneously to determine the ideal candidate for the hair transplant.

Hair transplant can give the permanent and naturally growing hair to the patients but before understanding the reality of its results it is important to understand the hair cycle so that you can understand what the ideal age for hair transplant is?

Human Hair cycle

Human Hair cycle

Human hair undergo the three phases of the hair cycle as follows

  1. Anagen is the growing stage of the hair and it remains for many years but the length of this phase may vary from person to person
  2. Catagen is the phase in which hair follicles get shrink and then it can last for 3-4 weeks depending on the person
  3. Telogen phase is the resting phase of the hair follicles in this phase the older hair gets detached from the follicles and new hair take their place and enter into the Anagen phase again.

The hair follicles enter into the Telogen phase for the longest time and their growing phase get shorter when they are affected by the DHT as a result of which person may have abrupt hair fall before the time. The hair cycle still continuous but with the shorter growing phase so the hair follicles become finer and thinner over the time even get disappear as a result of which person may have the bald patches.

How sometimes age become the hindrance for hair transplant?

Now we have understood the hair cycle and how it get affected due to DHT and time so now let us have a look on the age factor of the hair transplant candidate. If the patient will get the hair transplant in the younger age and his follicles are affected by DHT then it is possible that with the growing age his newly transplanted hair also get affected by DHT and again the person may have hair loss.

In simple words, if the person is having DHT susceptible follicles and the condition of thinning is progressive then his age is too younger for the hair transplant procedure. Any candidate is considered as the ideal candidate for hair transplantation if he is having stable not progressive baldness or hair loss because hair transplant is the method that can restore your lost hair but it cannot control your progressive hair loss.