Can I Have Desired Look After Hair Transplant With Desired Number Of Grafts?

Well, in the modern world looks are of great importance this is prime reason for the popularity of hair transplant procedure as this surgical procedure can grow permanent natural looking hair on bald or thinning head. After surgery how patient will it is the prime concern for patient and even for surgeon. Surgeon plan his surgery according to requirement of grafts for covering the bald heads so to decide about the exact number of grafts following factors are considered before during and after surgery

Pre-surgical examination

Before surgery, complete scalp diagnosis has been done to plan the hair restoration surgery. Initially, the surgeon examines the extent of hair loss and the availability of loss resistant hair follicles.

Depending upon the extent of hair loss and availability of potential hair grafts the requirement for grafts has been decided so that sufficient number of grafts can be transplanted to cover baldness. Advanced technological instruments like grafts calculators have also been used to decide about exact requirement of number of grafts to overcome baldness.

Ideal number of grafts

Surgeon examine both donor and recipient area to decide about the requirement of grafts but second step of the surgery is to decide how many grafts are required that can not only overcome the baldness but can also give natural look to patient

Desired look and appearance

Patient’s desire for looks after surgery also affects the decision of surgeon as some want to cover only bald area but other can seek for long and dense hair so accordingly final decision is taken for number of grafts.

FUE and consideration of grafts

Follicular unit extraction is surgical method to transplant grafts individually. In this transplantation method hair follicles are extracted from donor area with the help of punching tool so you can have number of grafts as per desire you want to fill the bald area. This method is first choice of the doctors as it is least invasive method and comparatively can give more aesthetic look to patient with desired number of grafts. Unlike the strip extraction method in which strip is removed and the doctor has to transplant grafts got from the strip, in this FUE method surgeons can extract individual follicles according to the requirement.

So with advanced method you could have number of grafts as per your realistic desire as a result you can get your desired look after surgery.