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Will My Hair Transplant Restore All My Lost & Should I Worry About Any Damage It Might Cause to My Existing Hair Follicles?

Any patient undergoing a hair transplant for the first time will express fear and doubt as per the procedure’s capacity to restore his hair permanently. However, modern hair transplantation technologies are more productive than those in the past. To tackle any worries you may have before undergoing a hair transplant, let’s try to understand how […]

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Hair Transplantation in a Classic Hair Transplant Centre

Revolutionary cosmetic procedures like hair transplantation are a source of amazement worldwide, especially for those who truly understand what balding means. Losing your luscious hair at the age of 18 is certainly something that will leave you perplexed, patently opting for various non-surgical hair loss treatments at the same time. A number of factors generally […]

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How Donor and Recipient area is Selected In hair transplantation

Indeed, hair transplantation is quite popular and known for getting rid of hair loss problems. Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure in which doctors transfer hair roots from donor to recipient area. However, the question is all about selection of donor and recipient area. Know about donor area for hair transplantation Donor area is the part of patients‘s […]

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