How hair fall treatment differs from hair growth treatment

Hair are considered to be delicate part of outer look and require sunlight, moisture, dust and regular combing.

A hair growth treatment helps enhance these aspects.

Hairs are strengthened enough for coping with these all. But still due to various reasons people may face problem of hair loss.

There is need to understand that whether you are having hair fall or hair loss problem as there is difference between both.

Hair fall treatment

Hair fall can be due to various reasons like stress , internal weakness, hormonal changes and so on.

This is where hair growth treatment helps.

To cope up with this problem there are mainly two methods

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Mesotherapy Hair

Both these therapies are safe and non surgical and effective. These therapies are done with the injection of appropriate nutrients and the plasmas which enhance the ability of body for wound healing. These procedures result into the re growth of even inactive follicles and give you back natural hair.

Hair loss or hair growth treatment

If you are suffering from the problem of pattern baldness and patches then it is hair loss problem. In this patients may loss the patches of hair from the particular area of skin or other body parts.

With the surgical treatment you may get new hair on the bald areas. This treatment is generally done by the two methods

  • Follicular unit extraction
  • Follicular unit transplant

These two methods differ from each other just by the way of extraction of the hair follicles.FUT is the strip method under this one belt is removed from the donor area and after dissection follicles are transplanted.

However FUE is the method in which individual follicles are extracted and transplanted to the area with no or less hairs.

We provide best results for hair loss treatment and hair growth treatment with help of specialized doctors & advanced techniques.

You may get hair growth treatment with lifetime natural hair without any kind of complications and risks during or after the surgery.