Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is Highly Preferred

Nowadays everyone must have heard about PRP therapy used for hair growth treatment and restoration and it is catching fire.

How these plasmas are created?

This is non surgical procedure in which patients own blood is taken out generally from the arm with syringe so there are no chances of infections and complications during and after treatment.

After collecting blood from your body blood is collected into the various tubes and then these tubes of blood are placed inside a centrifuge to spin for certain point of time.

This centrifuge spins the RBC and WBC cells separately and even leads to concentrated platelets, then these concentrated platelets that will help to boost up the healing ability of body for the damaged or inactive hair follicles, are separated from the blood.

These are more than 5 times concentrated from normal blood.

Now these platelets rich plasmas are ready and further can be injected into the bald scalp areas.

How it works with hair transplant?

For the hair transplant PRP also works as it makes hair transplantation and restoration more effective.

Firstly it enhances perseverance of hair follicles as when hair follicles are extracted from the scalp then for the duration gap of extraction and transplantation there are many chances for follicles to get damaged due to lack of moisture, nutrients and even oxygen which can affect the after results of the surgery as survival of transplanted grafts depend on the care and perseverance of hair follicles during surgery.

To ensure proper caring and perseverance Classy Grafts uses the PRP concentrated solution that only provides the proper nutrition to escape them from damage but improve their quality that enables the permanent hairs after surgery.

Secondly it minimizes healing time because these plasmas include many growth factors when helps to improve the ability of body for healing so during the surgery use of PRP enhances the healing capacity and sore scalp and redness get healed with in 2 days even the harvested hair follicles grow faster

Thirdly it rejuvenates the hair follicles due to high concentrated enrich plasmas hair follicles get rejuvenated and after the surgery the hair become thicker than before the surgery.

Finally PRP helps in hair growth after transplant as due to injected plasmas damaged and inactive hair follicles get healed and adds to the growth of transplanted hair

All in all PRP is safe and natural hair therapy that helps to regain your hair and even add benefits with the hair transplant procedure.

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