Be Cognitive While Choosing The Option Of Permanent Makeup

Women are considered to be very possessive for their looks so the term make up is correlated with the women.

That’s why from the last few years women are showing much interest in permanent makeup such as hair loss treatment.

With this they can look gorgeous all the day. It seems to be very simple term but hard to understand.

What is permanent makeup?

Primarily there is need to understand about the permanent makeup just like hair loss treatment.

It mimics the look of applied lipstick, lip linear, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.

In this micro pigmentation one tattoo pen is used on the defined areas to inject permanent ink.

This process is done within 30 – 120 minutes approximately during it the areas when pen to be used is numbed with local anesthesia.

Once done, initially it will look brighter and darker but afterwards it get fade and become suitable to your face or appearance.

Sometimes, the tattooed areas get swollen but there is nothing to worry as it get healed within 4-5 days.

After the procedure there is no risk to get this makeup vanished as you can swim, do exercise and take shower.

Is permanent makeup risky?

However it is not risky procedure but being similar to the tattoos this can also have similar few risks that cannot be ignored.

  • There are chances that for first time this makeup can be perfect but is you undergo the repeated processes then results may vary.
  • Sometimes to remove this makeup women take laser treatment that is supposed to remove the damage of this permanent makeup.

But in reality is that laser can lighten them but also your rest of skin so in case of dark complexion it can be serious problem for you.

  • Sometimes you can have allergy from the pigmentation
  • Even sometime it cause cracking, peeling and blistering of skin
  • If the needles used for injecting ink are not new or even not sterilized then there is great risk of HIV and hepatitis.
  • Removal of this can include number of visits to the clinic and can be costly as well as painful.
  • Some time there may be risk of the formation of Keloid that is the scars that form beyond the boundaries of applied areas.

How to avoid these unwanted risks of permanent makeup?

The risks related to permanent beautiful look are more associated to the clinic from where you are planning to take treatment. So there is great need to act wisely and choose the best by considering the following things

  • Get ensure about the past results of the clinic by enquiring from the patients and even before going for this makeup discuss with your relatives and friends who have already undergone through this process
  • Get ensure that clinic from where you are going to take treatment has proper license issued by the higher health authorities
  • Make sure that the surgeon who is going to give you treatment is well experienced and having artistic skills to give you safe and charming look forever.
  • Ask for the needles that are being used for the procedure are brand new not simply sterilized
  • Get ensure that pigments being used are of the best quality and not heavy in metallic contents to minimize the risks of skin allergies.
  • Make sure that colors being used for the makeup are of good grades so that they will not get fade away with the passage of time.

So it has become need of the hour to act cognitively while choosing your artist for permanent makeup.

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