Hair Needs Special Care in Hot Summers

Hairs are no doubt delicate part of body but important for our looks.

That’s why treatments such as hair transplant have gained pace.

Hair can boost or bounce back your looks according to the care provided to them.


There is need to pay extra attention towards  hair in the hot season, here are few tips that can prevent damage due to sun.

/*Of course, a hair transplant can help!*/

Avoid chemical treatments

In hot summer season hairs already get dry and dull so avoid use of chemicals treatments such as shampoos & conditioners.

For smoothing of your hair you may use the home made shampoos and conditioners that are beneficial.

Even during hair transplant, thus helps.

Cover your hair

As the ultra violet rays of sun can affect your hair and soak out the moisture of scalp, on a sunny day, cover head.

This will protect you from UV rays and even retain the moisture of your skin.

Tie loose to your hairs

As in the summer sweating can snatch the bouncy look of your hair so always tie your hair loose to avoid torning.

Wash often

To retain the moisture of scalp and to prevent dryness your  must wash your hair more often in the hot season

Use wider teeth comb

Comb hair with wider teeth comb rather than brushes as wider teeth combs prevent breaking of hair and remain gentle.

Even on wet hair one should not comb as it can break them more because wet hairs are most susceptible for breaking.

Rinse hot oil

In scorching heat hair get damaged  so to give grease and nourishment to hair always rinse hot oil in the roots.

This provide loss  resistant to the roots. So protect your hair by using coconut and olive oil during the battle with the seasons

Drink plenty of water

In the summer water can balance the water level in the body and also it is beneficial for the hair.

By drinking lot of water nourishment and moisture can be retained which leads to prevent them from damage

Reduce the heat

As in the summers there is already heat that affects your hair so try to avoid extra heat of dryers and the flat irons.

As this extra heat can damage your hairs and cause hair loss.

Try bob hair style

Bob hair cut requires less maintenance and care so for the summers try to have the suitable bob hair cut.

This will give you trendy look and even protect you from the bad hair day.