Here Are the 7 Questions To Ask Your Would-Be Hair Transplant Surgeon

All surgical procedures carry a given degree of complications, risk, and side effects. Although performed on outside the body, the decision to undergo a hair transplant should be made recklessly. The process of extracting hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another requires surgical experience and expertise.

Therefore, in case you are expecting to undergo a hair transplant soon, here are 7 important questions to ask the surgeon;

  1. How Experienced Are You?

India is generally acclaimed for its medical excellence, but do you think every surgeon is up to the mark? Before undergoing the knife, first ask your surgeon about his qualification level, experience, training, and his area of interest. It should be noted that a few hair transplant surgeons really know how to perform facial hair transplant procedures. The findings should serve as a basement for opting for the surgeon or not.

2. What is the Right Technique for My Alopecia?

There are generally two hair transplant techniques, but due to technical advancement, advanced procedures like the robotic approach and micrograft technique are possible options. The techniques generally differ during the follicular unit extraction step, but the finalizing steps are the same.

3. What Would My Final Results Be?

Experienced surgeons are able to inform you about the possible results after the surgery during the consultation. In the same way, they will have your final appearance illustrated. In this way, you are able to undergo the surgery knowing how you will look like after 8 months of your surgery.

4. Do I Need To Utilize Other Hair Loss Treatments?

4. Do I Need To Utilize Other Hair Loss Treatments?

Some patients move ahead to advise their patients to utilize Minoxidil as a way of boosting hair growth and improving the results. Ideally, some even undergo BIO-FUE hair transplant to obtain optimal results in one go.

5. How Many sittings Will I Need?

5. How Many sittings Will I Need?

Excessive hair loss will require an increased number of grafts and often, a patient’s procedure is conducted in sessions. Some may require 2 sittings, others 3, while others 4. However, you ought to understand that increased sittings may lower your surgical results.

6. How Much Will You Charge Me?

6. How Much Will You Charge Me?

The final cost is a vital issue before undergoing a hair transplant in India and it requires discernment. Do go in for a cheap hair transplant at the expense of your final appearance, but rather opt for a quality hair transplant at a reasonable cost.

7. What Are My Chances of Undergoing a Hair Transplant in The Future

A professionally conducted hair transplant will provide lifetime results, but other aspects like age must be evaluated. Undergoing a hair transplant at an early age will present a possibility of undergoing the procedure again in the future.