How Donor and Recipient area is Selected In hair transplantation

Indeed, hair transplantation is quite popular and known for getting rid of hair loss problems.

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure in which doctors transfer hair roots from donor to recipient area.

However, the question is all about selection of donor and recipient area.

Know about donor area for hair transplantation

Donor area is the part of patients‘s body mostly scalp from where doctors transplant hair roots.

Right selection of donor area is quite important for the success of entire procedure.

Doctors selection donor area on the basis of the presence of healthy and loss resistant hair follicles to ensure 100% success.

This area mainly lies right above the middle part of scalp to either side of scalp as hair follicles are healthiest mostly in this area & are loss resistant.

While extracting follicles, surgeons take care about the minimal scarring so that patient can adopt any hair style including short hair cuts after surgery.

Besides, they take care that removal of hair roots is without causing damage to the tissues to ensure permanent growth after implanting them.

Know about recipient area

Recipient area is the bald potion of the scalp where the patient wants to restore hair.

In this area Lateral, coronal or horizontal slits are made before hair transplantation.

Depending upon the level of baldness the number of grafts required for desired results are decided.

While transplanting the follicles surgeons take care of direction and depth of hair to ensure similar growth as existing hair.

After the complete scalp diagnosis by the surgeons of Classy Grafts hair transplantation center, they select both these areas.

This ensures quality and natural hair for life time. Need a hair transplant done? Contact us asap.