Medical Science Is About To Introduce A New Cure For Baldness

Medical Science Is About To Introduce A New Cure For Baldness

These days it is not new to hear about baldness as people of all ages are either suffering from this problem or on the way of baldness. Thus, to help the people having hair loss, new inventions and methods are being introduced regularly that not only improve the after results but also reduce the recovery period after procedure means medical science has been striving hard to reduce the potential complications related to hair treatments and to enhance the post benefits of the procedure.

Now the scientists are about to introduce a brand new cure for the baldness in the form of the drug. Scientists have revealed that the drug that was originally introduced to cure the osteoporosis but also has benefits for baldness. It means the drug that was designed to treat the weak and brittle bones can also treat the hair loss.

After the experiments done in the lab with the donated hair follicles, the scientists revealed that this new drug with compound WAY-316606 targets on the protein that halt the growth of hair follicles so prevent them to fall. It is really a big achievement of the medical science that came up with the new agent that can make the real and visible difference to the people who are suffering due to their abrupt hair loss.

This new compound had never been considered as the treatment for hair loss but it can really work for the hair growth due to its translational potential. Now people can get escape from the potential side effects and even sometimes disappointing results of two drugs minoxidil and Finasteride, which are only two agents that are being used for hair loss treatment. Now the hair loss patients can choose the option of this new drug to cure their baldness.

Scientists initially tested the original immune-suppressing drug that was introduced in 1980 and found that it often has side effects such as the growth of unwanted hair growth. So they started their search from scratch and came to the end of research with novel agents that can make the positive difference to male pattern baldness.

To reach an adequate declaration, the team of scientists tested the hair follicles donated by more than 40 patients. They treated the donated follicles with osteoporosis for six days and noticed that hair follicles entered in the active Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle and started sprouting hair. Even after two days, the production rate of the hair shaft was increased significantly in the donated follicles so this new drug was revealed as the relevant treatment option for baldness.