Technological Advancements Have Illuminated The Way Of Hair Loss Treatments

Loss of locks can be shocking for anyone as it can hamper their look and confidence. It is unfortunate fact if you are losing more than 100 hair per day so it is important for you to take care of your strands so that you could get rid of severe hair loss.

With the increase in the cases of hair loss, there is also an increase in the treatment options for hair loss. With the time and technological advancements ways of treating hair loss are getting improved. The treatment methods are providing natural looking hair with the least invasive technology and lesser recovery period.

Improvements in Hair transplant options

Treatment options for hair loss have been improving with the time and these improvements are continuing for many years especially after the introduction of FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction method. FUE is the greatest achievement of hair transplant technology that has improved the way of transplanting hair. FUE is revolutionized and result oriented method of hair transplant that has given more many benefits to patients as compared to older transplantation methods.

In the earlier hair loss treatment option like Strip extraction method was invasive method as in this method strip of hair follicles were used to be removed from back head that leaves the patient with scars and even it was painful method having longer recovery time but FUE has not only improved the way of extracting donor follicles but also the transplantation process and it has enabled the patient to get transplantation without feeling any pain, scar, and discomfort so also recovery period become shorter.

In FUE method individual hair follicles are extracted from the area of dense and healthy growth generally from the back area of the scalp. Individual extraction of hair grafts leaves the donor area with minimal scarring like tiny dots that generally get fade away after some time. Extraction process has been done with specially designed tools so that any damage to the donor follicles or surrounding tissue can be prevented.

Moreover, FUE has reduced the time gap of hair follicles to remain out from the body as individual hair follicles are extracted and in lesser time are transplanted in the pre-planned recipient sites so the time gap has been minimized to save the long lasting life property of follicles.

Moreover, the methods like U-FUE, DHI, and 3 D printing have also improved the results of treatments. U- FUE facilitates the surgeon to give treatment without shaving head, DHI is the direct Hair Implants that have reduced the trauma to scalp means the patient can have better results without any trauma or pain so the recovery period will become shorter.

Bright future of hair loss treatment methods

Methods like 3 D printing are quite realistic and result oriented as they facilitate to have the digital map of patient’s scalp so that transplantation of cells can be done in a better way. Moreover, options like hair cloning, BIO-FUE, and advanced FUE are also in the pipeline to illuminate the way of hair transplantation.