What Is The Guarantee That An FUE Transplant Can Lead To Full Hair Growth?

It isn’t a small thing, getting one’s hair transplanted; here are a lot of things to be taken into consideration, in case you decide to get it done. Different types of questions are asked to people, who are researching for hair transplants and also during the consultation. The basic question that is asked is if a hair transplant will look natural or not and also what is the guarantee that a full hair growth will be there? So, let’s look into this topic.

How fast does an FUE start showing results?

In FUE, the hair follicles are planted from one place to the other, in order to grow back hair, and also looking more presentable with a full hair growth, for people who have very less hair. The technique works on getting the natural looking looks back. Hair is taken from areas of scalp having full growth (back and sides), also called donor area.

Using tools specially designed for extraction, hair follicles are taken out from the donor area, and these hair follicles are taken out one by one, reducing any discoloration. These, are then arranged under a microscope, by a team of doctors to be fit for transplant.

Doctor, along with you will tell you how to go about the process, also making sure that you benefit from the process in whatever way you can and are also happy with the results. After which the transplantation takes place, the doctor first ruptures the scalp and injects each graft to resemble hair growth. Using FUE process and with a dedicated team of doctors, the results are as natural as possible.

How do the doctors ensure that full coverage of hair will be there?

Please remember one thing that the results of every individual will differ, so it is not easy to say before a transplant, about the kind of results that you will be getting( or anyone for that matter). Most of the hospitals do have a before and after picture and video of cases, which allows others to see how the results are going to be.

Patients often ask the doctors, if hair transplant can result in full coverage of hair, the answer the doctors have to give to this is Yes. It can, but only if you are the right person, they will ask you to come and get a no-obligation consultation form, during which one of the doctors will have a look at the hair condition, the hair loss, and other things.

As I told it before, (in this and many more blogs, previously), hair transplant best works by taking out hair follicles from one area and is transferred to the other. You must be having a donor hair to make sure the hair looks natural and real. Doctors also make sure that the person has enough of donor’s hair to give full coverage for a transplant.