What Procedures Follow In a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is nothing but removing small drilling grafts from hair having scalp or big piece of scalp from the back of head (also known as donor area), And then cutting this in small pieces to be used as grafts, these are then placed to hairless (bald) area or area where hair is very thin. The grafts are very much different in size and shape. The grafts which are round in shape have about 10 -15 hair. While the mall ones consist of 2 – 4 hair, and the smallest ones with just one to two hair. The FUT Hair Transplant Cost in India is that even the middlemen can afford, which means that are very reasonably priced.What Procedures Follow In a Hair Transplant

Mostly, the sessions needed for getting full results are many, healing interval sessions are also included (which means doctors/ surgeons, recommend healing interval, post each session). In cases, it takes up to two years time to fully see the results. Colour and texture of hair also play a very big role in transplant, because the amount of coverage partly depends on them. Light colored or gray hair makes for better coverage than fine, or dark colored hair. The amount of large plugs transplanted during the first session largely varies in different persons, the average is 50.

Prior to surgery, the “donor area” has to be cropped, so that grafts can be fetched and then taken out. Whereas for all other grafts, the surgeon uses a knife or blade kind of thing for removing of all smaller sections of hair – having scalp, which further gets divided into tiny parts and is further divided into tiny parts and then transplanted into tiny holes in the scalp.

The post-grafting session, the scalp is thoroughly cleansed and covered with a dressing. You may be advised to wear a pressure bandage for a maximum of two days. Many doctors do not allow their patients to wear any kind of bandage.

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Steps to follow:

  • An instrument which is shaped like a tube inserted and placed where hair transplant has to be done
  • Once the skin below hair is been stretched, it has to be then placed near the bald area.

Post operation

It will be better for patients to go through doctors instructions, carefully. Take care of your scalp and do as the doctor says. This will help in recovering faster.
Your scalp is bound to be tender post surgery, you may also need to have some medicines, there is a possibility of hair grafts also falling off, but not to worry as they regrow in their own time. Antibiotics may also be advised post surgery.