Why Worry About Thinning Of Hair, When We Are There To Help You?

It is quite a misconception about hair loss that only older people suffer from it, which is not quite true. Nowadays, it is seen that many young people also start experiencing hair loss.

Hair loss in women is much easier hidden than men; it still remains a reason for worry, because most women realize it once they have a hair loss. Plenty of reasons contribute to the same, in order to identify the issue; you need to get yourself tested.

Why does hair thin in women

Why does hair thin in women?

There are countless factors, which lead to hair loss/ hair thinning, first and foremost, identifies the cause, behind the same. Is it prevalent in your family? Do you have it in your genes?

The hair loss condition is called Androgenic Alopecia / Male Female Hair loss. While this is more common and more identified in men, women might need the help of doctors or experts in ruling out, the exact condition.

Some of the factors, contributing to hair thinning

Some of the factors, contributing to hair thinning

  • Being Anemic, is the major cause of hair loss, since many essential nutrients are lost, which slow the growth of hair.

  • An overdose of medicines also leads to losing hair.

  • Using too many hairstyles

  • Suffering from thyroid

How common is hair loss in women?

Studies have shown that around 30 million women (across the globe) have/suffer from hair loss. Many women have problems with hair thinning. Many women do not come to know about hair loss in young years and don’t care much about their hair. The loss gets noticed, somewhere in their 20’s. But, don’t panic, there surely is a treatment for you.

Hair loss and prevention

Some of the things that can be done immediately.

Rush to an expert

Before going for any home remedy, go and consult a specialist, in the first place.

Eat healthily, be healthy

We all know that hair reside in the hair follicle, the follicles require several necessary nutrients for proper growth, and any deficiency can affect hair growth. So always have a proper diet, filled with Calcium, Iron, Protein, Zinc and other stuff.

Don’t buy everything shown on Tv

Use the hair care products that suit your hair and scalp. If you are carrying dry hair, try to use the shampoos and conditioners that are labeled for dry hair and vice versa.

Don’t buy each and everything you see on the Idiot box, only go for those products which are suitable for your hair, as it is, market today is filled with brands, many people claim to make the products at home, which are mostly made out of kitchen ingredients, are made Safe( which means safe for every age group). Which are such products? Well! The list is quite long and I can hear someone calling me (yes, you are right, it’s none other than my babies), have to rush.