Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Bangalore

Cost Of Hair Transplant In BangaloreHair transplant is revolutionary method that gives you back your priceless personality and confidence. So before considering the cost of hair transplant one must have a check over the services of the center and degrees and skills of the surgeon.
We offer you the world best services with the quality results. Our efficient and specialized surgeon who has more than 20 years of experience has been providing the best results with natural and lifetime growing hair.
It is essential to notice that we charge on “per graft – Follicular unit” basis, rather than “per hair or per follicle” basis. A graft on an average basis has two or three hairs it means 100 grafts will grow around 250 hairs. Some clinics charge per session or per square inch but you would never know how many grafts you have received per session or per square inch and therefore we charge on “per graft – Follicular unit” to avoid any hidden cost from you .
Our onetime fee will include all other charges such as


Hair Transplant Cost in India | Classy Grafts

Procedure Graft density Approximate Cost (INR)
FUE Hair Transplant 1500- 2500 50,000
FUT Hair Transplant 1500- 2500 50,000
Facial Hair Transplant 800 32,000
Body Hair Transplant 1500 60,000

We do not charge any hidden cost from our clients.

However price of hair transplantation may vary with the following facts which include the requirements of a person such as density, level of baldness, and sessions with the surgeons, technique used for hair transplant. But our center surly fulfills all your requirements without burdening your wallet.
We have the cost much lesser than the other centers in India. While considering the cost of treatment we try to minimize the cost by minimizing your sitting for the hair restoration and providing you the mega sessions which will not only save your time but also your money.
That is why we can offer you the best services without tickling with the quality of services. On an average basis our cost for FUT is 20 to 40 Rs per graft and cost for FUE ranges from 30 -70 Rs per graft
As not only in India we provide cost advantage to the patients without scarifying the quality but in internationally also we have standardized the prices and results both

Compare Hair Transplant Price List Over USA, Europe And India

USA EUROPE Classy grafts’ cost
7-12 dollars 4-8 Euros Max 2 dollar and one euro

But for facial hair transplants like beard / mustache and eyebrows/ eyelashes this cost is not charged per graft and correct economical estimation is given after the diagnosis.
We assure you for the lifetime natural hair at only justified prices.

Find out if hair transplant surgery is right for you.


Note: Send us your photos by Whats App,For free of charge analysis,1 x Front profile,1x Top profile,1x Back Head,(Important because of donor hair)