FUE Procedure

Fue Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is modern method for the hair restoration. Under this procedure units of grafts are extracted and transplanted to overcome the problem of baldness and thinning area. Highly magnificent tool are used to extract and transplant hairs.

For proceeding this method local anesthesia has been given in the scalp tissues for the numbness of the scalp. Thereafter small punches are used for creating the tiny and circular incision around the follicular unit of the scalp and then it has been separated from the surrounded tissues that may cause “pit” scarring in the donor area.

Unlike the strip method not any strip has been removed after the incision the tiny units are extracted. Generally this extraction is done from the backside of the head or near to the neck. Then these tiny extracted follicles are magnificently transplanted to the recipient area which is bald or thinning.

Size of the punches varies from patient to patient according to the hair thickness but on an average 0.7mm to 1mm in diameter punch is used.

As compared to the old method of hair transplant that is strip method FUE is more safe and advanced. In this method no linear scarring is present as the extraction is done with the tiny punches and even without stitches. Donor area for this procedure can be the scalp and other body part of the patients as per the history and needs of the patients.

Even healing time is also very less post surgery as the we use the magnificent tools and techniques for the surgery so there are no chances of the complications or the risks while the surgery. Within week scalp get healed without any kind of further treatment for healing.

As this method is done with the tiny punches and time consuming so there are only handful surgeons who are master in FUE procedure. CLASSY GRAFTS INDIA is known for its success ratio in FUE procedure in INDIA. Our pioneered technology and our experience of the years enables us to serve our patients with the best and to provide them dense and natural looking hair for the life time

Factors that leads to successful FUE surgery

  • Experience of the surgeon and the technicians
  • Graft temperature and Graft hydration outside body
  • holding solution in which grafts are stored
  • The length of time grafts spend outside body

Justified reasons for choosing CLASSY GRAFTS INDIA

  • we minimize the rate of transaction by using high quality microscope unit with our experience and highly skilled surgeons
  • We use we use Hypothermasol infused with Liposomal ATP solution for keeping the graft moist for longer period.
  • We avoid the cursing as our experienced surgeons ensure careful placement of the extracted graft
  • Some biochemical factors which refer to stress related to hair follicles due to lack of blood supply, oxygen nutrients, temperature outside the body can cause damage to grafts. We take care of all these factors efficiently.
  • We take care for the immediate Post-operative oxygenation & revascularization which ensures the successful transplantation of the grafts.
  • We use the tissue holding solution that includes for buffers that are necessary for maintaining the necessary ph valve, nutrients that are Platelet Rich Plasma and even the antioxidants for minimizing the Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
  • Our surgeon is known for his non invasive FUE surgery not only in India but across the globe which makes us and our patients proud.

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