FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

Although follicular unit transplant procedure is considered to be oldest one yet it is the effective procedure for the hair transplant surgeries. Most of the physicians consider it to be more safe and effective for the hair surgery

FUT hair transplant is the procedure in which unlike the mini or micro grafting one strip is removed from the scalp and then healthy follicles are harvested into the bald or thinning area

What is the process?

Surgical hair transplantation is done by the extraction of health hair follicles and implanting them to area when there is no hair or less hair. Under this method strip is removed through advanced techniques and then in smaller groups transplanted to the bald area

This process is completed into four easy steps

  • Selection of the donor area
  • For FUT selection of the donor area is the immediate step after diagnosis of the hair problem. As this procedure leaves linear scar so right choice of area from where the strip can be extracted. Generally the belt of hair follicles is cut from the back of head or near the neck as these areas has more dense hair and it becomes easy to have healthy follicles and to conceal the scar.

  • Extraction of the hair follicles
  • After the selection of donor area then the extraction of the strip is done through the magnificent tools according to the bald area to be covered.

  • Dividing the follicles into groups
  • After extraction immediate step is the division or called dissection of the hair follicles. As under this method strip is removed so the follicles have been divided into smaller groups under the stereo microscope.

  • Transplantation
  • Last stage of the surgery is the transplantation of the follicles into the recipient area which is done by the robotics techniques to give you the quality results.

In both the techniques FUT and FUE of hair transplant only difference is in the extraction of the hairs from the donor region which are to be harvested. Under FUE hair follicles are extracted by the incision and individually but under FUT directly the strip is removed from the scalp and the after dissection hairs are transplanted.

The whole process of the FUT is done by applying the local anesthesia to numb the scalp and for the without pain surgery

Advantages of FUT procedure

  • By this method even wider area can be covered in the single session, under this method our experts can transplant more than 8000 hair follicles at one time
  • This method is less time consuming as the larger number of hair follicles can be extracted and transplanted in single session
  • This procedure is less complicated as compared to the mini or micro grafting which consumes much time for the individual hair extraction
  • Even this method has the cost advantage as compared to the other method this is less expensive

Why our FUT hair transplant is better?

Here we use the most effective tools and techniques for the hair transplantation for ensuring you the quality results.

  • Our expert surgeon Dr. Vijay Mohan is experienced enough for this procedure and gives the natural and dense hair with minimal scars
  • Our advanced technologies enables us to give the best results after surgeries as we use robotic techniques for the transplantation and for dissection stereo microscopes are used for improved results
  • we assure for the survival of grafts by taking proper precautions while handling the grafts outer body like maintenance of hydration and nutrient level for longer survival
  • Post surgeries special care and instructions are provided personally by our surgeon to ensure about the successful results and even printed copy os instruction is also provided to the patients.

Find out if hair transplant surgery is right for you.


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