Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

With the increase of increase in the hair loss problem of people it also become the need of the hour to study the each issue of the hair.

If we consider the hair follicles under the microscope then these reveal about various facts that are important as well as interesting to study. Small tissue of the hair is made up of the tough protein called Keratin. Each hair follicles consists the individual hair into the skin and base of the hair follicles is known as hair bulb. In this base the hair cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. These cells get nourishment from the blood vessels. These cells deliver hormones that modify hair growth and structure.

So we may divide hair into three parts Root, Shaft and Tip along the study of these parts one must be aware about the layers of the hair that are


Cuticle is the outermost layer made up of Keratin and it is the series of the overlapping scales that are resistant to the chemical decomposition

Cortex is the middle layer that is made up of the spindle shaped call and the pigment granules and even some Ovid bodies and small bubble like structures can be seen into this layer. Pigment granules give color to the hair

The medulla is the innermost layer of hair and it is made up of the tiny cells that form the shafts.

Understanding the hair cycle

Generally the hair cycle get completed with the three phases that are

  • growth phase

it is also known as Anagen phase. In this phase hair grows in a given time period and each hair spend large span into this phase

  • transitional phase

it is called the Catagen phase in which after the growth of hair get stop or get slow then the hair follicles start shrinking.

  • resting phase

After the shrinking this third phase comes which is called Telogen in which the shrink follicles shed the hair means the old hair detaches from the hair follicles. After this stage the cycle of hair growth starts again and the new hair enter into the first phase of cycle.

After understanding of the hair cycle one may also consider that growth of hair differs from person to person. There are various reasons which may hinder the growth of hair and can cause hair fall such as

  • genetic reasons
  • hormonal changes
  • addiction of drugs
  • side effects of the medicines
  • pregnancy
  • emotional or mental stress
  • cancer

These above reasons may cause the pattern baldness in both men and women that may lead to decrease in the confidence and unhappiness

Procedure of hair transplant

Undoubtedly there are many people who are suffering from pattern baldness but today it is possible to have the natural hair back by the simple surgery for the hair treatment.

Hair transplant is the surgical process in which the healthy hair follicles are selected and extracted from the particular region and transplanted into the required area.

There are mainly two methods for the hair transplant one is strip method and the other is follicular unit extraction method which differs on the basis of the way for transplanting hair.

Our world best team of expert surgeons efficiently selects the donor area from where the hair follicles are to be extracted either in strip or individually depending on method for transplant. Then grafts of the follicles are transplanted into bald area during the surgery both the donor and recipient areas are numbed for painless treatment

After three to four days redness and swelling of the scalp get healed and you may get the natural and dense hair for the life time growth.

Even we provide transplantation for the long hairs and with in the year you may see the actual result of hair transplant in India.

Find out if hair transplant surgery is right for you.


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