Men Hair Transplant

Hair Loss in Men

Hair fall is commonly seen problem in both men and women. Both genders may face this problem due to different reasons. However ratio of men is more who are facing this problem. Even in very young age males are facing this problem up to 60%

Reasons For Hair Fall in Men

Generally males get the baldness in front or a crown for the same. Initially this problem may start from the patches and can lead to devastating results.

According to the experts the reasons for this problem can be

  • Genetic reasons
  • Male pattern of baldness
  • Drug addiction
  • Lack of required nutrients
  • Stress

Before hair transplantation in men there is great need of catching the real cause of hair fall only then hair transplantation can give best results.

How Hair Loss Can be Treated?

We offer effective techniques of hair transplant through which men can get rid of this problem. Our expert surgeons prior to the surgery dignose for the root cause and analyze the required results by you then accordingly they provide you the best treatment by following techniques.



  • FUT: By simple follicular unit extraction method men may get solution of their all problem. In this technique surgeons pluck small grouping of hair from donor area and extract it into the area with less hair growth or bald area. It is safer and less time-consuming.
  • MICRO GRAFTING: In this method individual hair is dissected and injected into problematic area. It is more effective and result oriented method

We provide the best results for Men Hair Transplant in India and had set the standards for others.

Safe Results For Men Hair Transplant?

Men hair transplant is quite safe as nowadays technologies are so advanced that may cause next to nothing harm or pain to you. Our team uses the world proven technologies for the treatment and provides you the results as per your desires without any kind of risk or restrictions.

However some kind of redness and swelling can occur after the surgery but it is normal and healed in 3-4 days.

We assure our patients for the required precautions after and before the surgery to serve them with the best results. Our success ratio is100% in men hair transplant

Find out if hair transplant surgery is right for you.


Note: Send us your photos by Whats App,For free of charge analysis,1 x Front profile,1x Top profile,1x Back Head,(Important because of donor hair)