Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant

Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant

For some males their mustache or beard is like their dignity and hair loss attack on their dignity may cause them stress. Like the scalp baldness people also suffer from the hair loss in their beard\mustache or uneven growth of facial hairs.

Five reasons for mustache and beard hair loss

  • Heredity
  • Some males witness patches or spotty hair loss in their goatee and mustache due to heredity also as some times from the ancestors this problem get pour into the grand children

  • Cancer patients
  • Cancer patients also may face this problem as due to medication and chemotherapy their hair follicles stop functioning properly and then they face this problem

  • Some kind of scars
  • Sometime some scars like birthmark, after injury or and kind of surgery and accident also remain bald which results into patches

  • Testicular failure
  • Men who have low testosterone which is also known as testicular failure due to some medical conditions also loss their mustache or beard hair

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Some men witness Alopecia Areata (AA) which is the auto immune condition in which they loss hair on their scalp and even of body including facial hair. Under this condition immune system attacks itself and deactivate the functioning of the hair follicles which results into hair loss

Due to these genetic and hormonal imbalances after the puberty boys do not witness growth of their facial hair which result depression and feeling of inferiority among them
But no need to worry as due to medical science it is possible to have your masculine look back for which you are deprived

Beard and Mustache hair transplant

To overcome the problem of facial hair loss Classy Grafts has introduced the magnificent techniques by which you can have easy hair transplant even on these delicate areas.


Procedure used

We use FUE technique to transplant the hair on beard and mustache. Under this method individual hair has been extracted from the donor area generally back head after applying the local anesthesia and then effectively transplanted to the beard or mustache.

We assure the safe procedure for facial hair transplant and even without any kind of visible scars and pain. Within one month patient may have the visible result of this surgery.

Find out if hair transplant surgery is right for you.


Note: Send us your photos by Whats App,For free of charge analysis,1 x Front profile,1x Top profile,1x Back Head,(Important because of donor hair)