PRFM for Hair Loss Treatment

PRFM for Hair Loss Treatment

Platelet rich fibrin matrix is non surgical method for the hair loss treatment. It is innovative and advanced procedure for the hair restoration. It is suitable for all as it is completely safe procedure.

What is PRFM?

It is the therapy used for hair regeneration. Is the person is suffering from the problem of Androgentic alopecia then ir is easy solution for him. Patient can have his natural look by completely rejuvenated hairs on the thinning or balding area.

How it works?

In this treatment small amount of blood of the patient is taken out and then this blood is centrifuged. Then it separates and thicker the blood platelets and fibrin into matrix.

Then highly concentrated matrix is injected into the bald or thinning area which helps the cell proliferation and regrowth through the targeted tissue regeneration.

PRFM release the growth factors up to 7 days approximately which enables the regeneration of the shafts and active the hair follicles and further to the hair growth.

Time required for therapy

The procedure takes only 20 minutes per sitting and sustains releases for a week. After the 3 sessions actual results can be seen .

Even this procedure enhances the density of hair 2 times in half year.

This method is advanced and completely safe for the natural growth and even woth the combination of hair transplant it helps in longer survival of hair grafts.

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